Sound Familiar?

Dr. Power

Dr. Power

  • Your strength and energy don’t improve, even when you exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep
  • You feel like your sex drive has “driven off”
  • You gain weight easily, even when you eat right
  • You aren’t as mentally sharp as you once were, and you lack the interest and motivation you once had
  • You don’t feel well – you’re tired, achy, depressed and burned out -but your doctor tells you “you’re fine”.


My name is Dr. Karron Power, MD, MPH and Youth Renewal Center is the culmination of close to 20 years study and practice.

The science of helping men and women look younger and feel great is truly my life’s work.

Age doesn’t have to bring the inevitable decline of body and mind. With the right balance of youthful hormone levels, proper nutrition, regular exercise, targeted supplements and customized skin care, ideal health can be achieved.